Autistic Pride Day at Kent Fashion Week

Kent Fashion Show on Autistic Pride Day

We were proud to be at Kent Fashion Week in Gravesend on Autistic Pride Day!

Autistic Pride Day is celebrating it’s 19th annual celebration! 🎉
‘June 18th is an opportunity to highlight the strengths and unique qualities of every Autistic person! Autistic people are amazing! Autistic people have so many strengths that are often overlooked…like, hyper focus and extensive knowledge of certain subjects, many have excellent memory skills, attention to detail and a different perspective, honest and a strong sense of justice, forgiving and accepting, critical or logical thinking… these are just a few of the incredible traits that we see. However, it’s important to understand that and every expression of neurodiversity is valuable and valid.’
‘Autism, ADHD and more… all make our world a better place! I believe as a society, we should focus on people’s strengths, accepting each other for who they are. I love being autistic. It makes me, me. Why must we continually ask people to conform, to be the same? We should be proud of our differences.
People need to know and understand that they are not broken, they are not ‘less’ than someone else, they are awesome, just the way they are.’
Mandy Cook, The Autistic Teacher, CEO and founder of Autism South East, Primary School Teacher and mum of four. 🏳️‍🌈♾️
Autistic Pride Day at Kent Fashion Week

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