Due to a processing glitch, anyone who booked registered for the Accessing Public Services Online Workshop by Cerebra prior to 8th June will need to register again.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
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Upcoming Online Events

Hot Hot Hot! - Temperatures in the South East are likely to reach 34 celsius this weekend, which means many of us will be having fun, but remember to stay safe and ensure your family and friends are safe: Drink and carry plenty of water (not coffee or alcohol) Avoid outdoor sports and activities Keep dogs and babies indoors […]
Thanks Mandy - Last Thursday on 9th June, Amanda Cook held her second talk on Autism and Girls.  A big thanks goes out to everyone who attended and our volunteers who made this and the one on 1st June possible.
Girls and Autism - We received lots of positive feedback from last night’s (23rd March 2022) talk by Claire Noordally! We hope to be able to do another rerun soon for those who unfortunately weren’t able to make it, as well as other talks focused on the topic. “If we can understand what makes autistic girls tick we can […]
Changes to KCC SEN Transport - Autism South East are aware that changes to school transport arrangements by Kent County Council are causing a great deal of distress and anxiety to parents, carers and their children. Unfamiliar people and situations, can lead to great anxiety for an autistic child, causing them to become overwhelmed. Autistic children require time and preparation to […]


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