Help Accessing Services

In a couple of weeks, we’ve got Cerebra coming along to hold a free workshop on accessing public services.  On Saturday 14th September, Autism South East in conjunction with Cerebra will be at Stone St Mary’s School from 10am to 2pm.  The purpose of the workshop is to support families who are encountering difficulties in relation to the provision of health, social care and education support services.  The workshop isn’t about giving legal advice or solving individual issues, but about general strategies that parents can use to get the services that they need for their child and family.  This session is aimed at up skilling you to make stronger cases and to challenge decisions when dealing with statutory bodies.

For more information and booking, please see the event page – Accessing Public Services Toolkit Workshop

Please pre-book your places now!  It is imperative that you pre-book for this workshop, as without sufficient interest the session will unfortunately need to be cancelled.

Help Accessing Services

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