Sensory & Motor Strategies for Support within the Home & Classroom Setting

Date(s) - 15/09/2022

Swalecliffe Community Primary School

Corinna Laurie


What is the talk about?

All the information we receive about the world comes through our senses.
In some people, the senses do not process information as they should and the brain ends up like a “traffic jam” of information instead of a steady flow of traffic. Learning occurs when we receive accurate sensory information, process it in our brain and use it to organize our behaviours and activities at home and school.

Corinna Laurie, specialist occupational therapist, explores:

• Our senses, and how they can affect behaviour
• Strategies to reduce the impact of sensory issues
• Strategies to support children to develop their motor skills

About Corinna:

Corinna qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1993 and has specialised in the area of sensory processing disorders for the last 25 years.  She is skilled in a variety of paediatric evaluation tools and treatment approaches, including Sensory Integration, Therapeutic Listening® and Neurodevelopmental techniques.  She also has a diploma in Aromatherapy and Massage.  Corinna is the author of “Sensory & Motor Strategies” an NAS publication. This book further expands on the content of this session and provides a practical resource for anyone dealing with children experiencing Sensory Processing Disorders.

Corinna’s new book is available to purchase by following this link:


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Sensory & Motor Strategies for Support within the Home & Classroom Setting

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